Canncas Drying Pans

Customized Cannabis Solutions

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, and with change happening almost daily it requires equipment and process management systems that are continuously improving alongside it. Like the industry itself, Canncas it constantly looking for ways to stay on the cutting ...
Grow Smart. Dry Better.

Grow Smart. Dry Better.

Canncas, a leader in the cannabis drying systems sector, made its entry into the industry by offering high-quality, stainless steel racks, trays and fully customizable equipment for the cannabis industry. The goal for Canncas is always to push for a ...
Drying and Curing Equipment Market

How a Canadian Company is Seizing the Cannabis Drying Market

As the first developed country in the world, Canada passed Bill C-45, better known as the Cannabis Act in October 2018, and it’s anticipated to add billions of dollars in added annual revenue. Stock in the newly created Cannabis producers ...