Drying Rack & Pan Systems

The premier stainless steel drying and handling solution in the cannabis industry.

The drying rack and pan system is customizable in height, shelf spacing, and number of tiers for your facility and process. Contact us for custom sizing to suit your application.

Cannabis drying tray, stainless steel
Cannabis drying rack, stainless steel

Trays & Pans

Canncas Drying Pans are available in a multiple of perforated configurations to provide the optimal drying solutions. The series also includes solid matching pans to capture all product during the drying cycle.

We offer easy-to-clean, food-grade stainless steel trays and pans for drying, storing and moving product, including stainless steel drying pans (1” and 3”).

  • Fully welded construction for durability and strength
  • Perforated for proper airflow while drying product
  • Available in solid to accumulate any product loss
  • All pans are electro polished stainless steel, available in 18 or 20 gauge.

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Canncas Drying Pans


The Canncas Rack System can be designed to work with our Automated Pan Loading and Unloading System. Each of our racks feature tow brackets for joining racks together or for automated use and are available with 6” and 8” castors for smooth movement.

Our food-grade stainless steel drying racks come in multiple sizes and configurations, including Drying Racks (single and three compartments), Hanging Drying Racks and LED Grow Racks.


Canncas Drying Rack, three-compartment

Drying Rack

  • Fully welded construction for strength/durability
  • One, two, or three chamber racks available for handling drying trays
  • Custom spacing available for shelf height upon request
  • Solid accumulation trays on bottom base
Hanging rack for drying cannabis

Hanging Drying Rack

  • Adjustable hanging levels for maximum drying capacity
  • Three-Five horizontal members available per rack
  • Stainless steel solid bottom accumulation pan
  • Custom spacing available on hanging rods to maximize product
  • Easy to adjust height and sanitize
LED Grow Rack, stainless steel

LED Grow Rack

  • Adjustable shelf height for optimal growing
  • Removable LEDs for easy sanitation
  • Rack completely washes down including electrical
  • Removable pans for product loading
  • Fully welded construction
  • Custom sizing available

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