About US

Canncas is a leader in the cannabis drying systems sector, and they first made their mark in the cannabis industry after seeing a gap in the market place created by subpar equipment. Canncas knew they had a solution that would revolutionize the drying process - food-grade stainless steel drying racks, trays and material handling solutions, all which meet the industries high level of sanitation standard.

The Canncas value lies in their engineering and consultation services followed by producing top of the line competitively priced and fit-for-purpose equipment and solutions. Their passion lies in helping find the very best solutions for operations that can help to increase efficiencies in production.

With years of experience in design and production of commercial and industrial drying and handling systems, their engineering experts can help create a high-quality solution that is right for any need. All Canncas products are proudly made in Canada and they work with and ship to clients all over North America and Europe.

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Cannabis Utility Wall

Grow Smart. Dry Better.