Drying and Curing Equipment Market

How a Canadian Company is Seizing the Cannabis Drying Market

As the first developed country in the world, Canada passed Bill C-45, better known as the Cannabis Act in October 2018, and it’s anticipated to add billions of dollars in added annual revenue. Stock in the newly created Cannabis producers is soaring and comparisons are drawn with the explosive increased values of the likes of Bitcoin and Amazon. However, legally growing cannabis in Canada has been around since 2001 when Canada allowed licensed producers of medical marijuana to legally grow for medical purposes only.

The news of opening up this market and legalizing it for recreational use has had the minds of many take note and created a massive rush to get a piece of the action.

Understanding the Canadian Rush…

Projections of Canadian legal market demand of dried cannabis annually is estimated to be around 1 million kg. Statistics Canada project a total of 5.4 million persons wanting to buy legal cannabis and some 1.7 million continuing to buy illegal cannabis. The monetary value of the legal Canadian cannabis market is estimated to be somewhere around $5 billion annually. Unprecedented amounts of investments have been raised in the market place and some 100 Licensed Producers are battling to get their products in the hands of consumers. No doubt this scramble for market share will result in taking hits on gross and wholesale margins down the road and focus will shift more and more to efficient production.

Humble Beginnings

While many investors are concerned with establishing effective flower production abilities, the smaller companies supplying equipment to the producers will be poised to hopefully experience growth and share in the green rush by supplying needed quality equipment and services.

LC Bakery Equipment Services, Ltd., a sister company of Canncas, is one of Canada’s foremost manufacturers of commercial and custom industrial baking systems. Through clever designs and engineering supported by a wealth of experience, research, expertise, passion and of course a strong focus on the quality of the end product, being the baked goods, LC Bakery has been successfully serving a demanding market with state-of-the-art baking equipment such as deck ovens, tunnel ovens, dryers and proofers as well as baking ancillary equipment such as stainless-steel trays and racks.

The Art of Drying

After investing time, energy and money into the right strand or genes and cultivating, pruning and trimming for optimal outcome, the final step of effective curing and drying is crucial. As one of the most important steps in the production of cannabis, proper curing and drying can be achieved with the right set of equipment. The process of controlled drying and curing of cannabis flowers is remarkably similar in terms of equipment needs for proofing and curing various types of dough. The proven expertise in engineering solutions and designs LC Bakery possesses, is directly relevant to the production needs in the cannabis industry. This sparked the owners of LC Bakery Equipment Services Ltd., to form a new company called Canncas to utilize this valuable expertise servicing parallel production needs.

Enter Canncas

In the fast paced and competitive cannabis industry, it is imperative to position yourself in the marketplace as a premium brand with a high-quality product. As a new company to the cannabis industry, Canncas quickly saw a gap in the marketplace created by subpar equipment, and they knew they had the solution for the industry – food-grade stainless steel curing, drying, and material handling solutions for cannabis producers. Canncas has already successfully developed state of the art and customizable equipment for ideal curing and drying cannabis operations.

Trays and Pans

The Canncas value lies in their engineering and consultation services followed by producing top of the line competitively priced and fit-for-purpose equipment and solutions. Their passion lies in helping find the very best solutions for operations that can help to increase efficiencies in production. With years of experience in design and production of commercial and industrial drying and handling systems, their engineering experts can help create a high-quality solution that is right for any need. All Canncas products are proudly made in Canada with full stainless-steel construction to meet the industry’s high level of sanitation standards. They work with and ship to clients all over North America and Europe.

Trays & Pans

Easy-to-clean, food-grade stainless steel trays and pans for drying, storing and moving product, including stainless steel drying pans (1″ and 3″). All trays and pans are fully welded construction for durability and strength and come in either perforated options for proper airflow or solid to accumulate product loss.


Food-grade stainless steel drying racks come in multiple sizes and configurations, including LED Grow Racks, Hanger Racks, and Drying Racks (single and three compartment). Each rack features tow brackets for joining racks together or for automated use and are available with 6″ and 8″ castors for smooth movement.

Curing and Drying Systems

The revolutionary curing and drying systems are built with fully programmable controls for product management and tracking. Choose from small (pictured here) or large-scale systems for any size operation. These roll-in rack drying systems offer controlled air distribution for maximum product quality and reduced drying time and feature clean-in-place sanitization technology.

Unique Needs, Custom Solutions

With any industry, each product has unique needs and oftentimes in need custom solutions. Canncas has in-depth experience helping clients to create layouts and design floorplans depending on their productions rates and facility size. By taking the time to understand the process and production goals they can design, manufacture and fabricate a customized solution that is unique to each case.

Looking to the future

As the industry grows, demands change regularly and in order to survive, the ability to adapt must be at the forefront. Canncas is used to adapting and growing together not only with the industry but with their clients. As warehouse facilities evolve and the number of plants increase, the equipment to support each stage of the operation must also change to handle the influx of production.

Canncas strives to always be adaptable and provide the best products to help their customers succeed, it is from this goal that the Utility Wall was created. The Canncas Utility Wall is an innovative solution for growing needs. This system is designed for grow racks to roll in and out with ease. When a rack of newly propagated plants is wheeled in, each rack level has access to its own LED lighting, irrigation supply with drain, as well as gentle adjustable air flow for plant health. There are no connections required to be made between the rack and the system, thus reducing handling costs. This utility wall can be configured single sided, for placement against a wall, or double sided all to maximize grow space within the facility. The system is manufactured using stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance ensuring the longevity that is required for this industry.

Full end-to-end solutions

Canncas has the foresight and ability to provide quality equipment and services to a relative new industry that is quickly establishing itself. If you are in search of improving your production utilizing smartly designed and engineered, long lasting, high quality equipment, please contact Canncas. We want to work with you to create a solution that is right for any need.

Note: this article was originally posted in the April 2019 issue of Health Europa Quarterly.  The article can be found on pages 102-103.